62. Charles PEARCE (9)(1) (photo) was born on 22 Nov 1869. (9) He was an Insurance Clerk between 1887 and 1935 in Wellington, NZ.(23) (24) Levin & Co. Insurance Dept. He joined the Dept. at the age of 18 and upon the retirement of James Horn Hall, suceeded him as manager, a position he held till 1935, when Edward W Pearce suceeded him as manager. He died on 15 Sep 1945.(9) Worked in Levin & Co.

He was married to Nina Jane FAIRCHILD in 1898. (9)(13) 1st wife of Charles Pearce. Nina Jane FAIRCHILD (9) died in 1920.(13) Charles PEARCE and Nina Jane FAIRCHILD had the following children:

child+123 i. Arthur Fairchild (Turntable) PEARCE.

He was married to Doris Gwedoline CHARLTON in 1934. (9) 2nd wife of Chrles Pearce; no Issue.
Doris Gwedoline CHARLTON (9) died in 1962.(13)

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