111. Agnes Isobel (Pickle) PEARCE(17) (13)(34) was born on 10 Sep 1891 in Wellington, NZ.(35) She died on 21 Sep 1971 in Wellington, NZ.(36)

She was married to Sir Thomas 'Duncan' Mcgregor STOUT on 4 Dec 1919 in Wellington, NZ.(13)(37) Married at St Paul's Cathedral. Sir Thomas 'Duncan' Mcgregor STOUT(13) (38) was born on 25 Jul 1885 in Wellington, NZ. (39) He died on 27 Feb 1979 in Waianae, NZ. (40) Surgeon;
Vice Chancellor, Victoria University. Agnes Isobel (Pickle) PEARCE and Sir Thomas 'Duncan' Mcgregor STOUT had the following children:

child+162 i. Robert (Bob) Edward STOUT.
child+163 ii. Arthur Duncan STOUT.
child164 iii. John David STOUT(13) (41) was born on 13 Jun 1925.(13) (42) He died on 3 Mar 1982 in Wellington, NZ.(43) Died in Wellington Hospital, unmarried. He received a degree in PhD MA(Hons). (13) Microbiologist, Cornel University
child165 iv. Vida Mary STOUT(13) received a degree in PhD.(13)

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