178. Michael George PEARCE (17) was born on 13 Dec 1933. Worked on Levin & Co. (10 yrs only)

He was married to Geraldine ALMOND on 20 Feb 1960 in Auckland, NZ.(17) He was divorced from Geraldine ALMOND.(13) Geraldine ALMOND(13) (17) was born in 1936. (13) Michael George PEARCE and Geraldine ALMOND had the following children:

child260 i. Nicola Margaret PEARCE(17) (13) was born on 10 Dec 1960. (17)
child+261 ii. Phillipa 'Ruth' PEARCE.
child262 iii. Paula Jane PEARCE(17) (13) was born on 17 Apr 1963.(17)
child263 iv. Hugh Michael John PEARCE(13) was born on 12 May 1965.(17)
child264 v. Stephen George PEARCE(13) (17) was born on 12 Nov 1967. (17) He was adopted.(17)

He was married to Mary LOWTHER in 1979.(13) Mary LOWTHER (13) was born in 1929.(13) She died in 1980.(13)

He was married to Frances ROBERTS in 1981.(13) Frances ROBERTS(13) was born in 1939.(13)

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