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To have your FREE  trading information listed below, just email the information you would like to see posted. Keep it brief.
Leonie R. in Christchurch, YOU'RE BUSTED!  Do NOT solicit stamp trades without reciprocating.
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  2. Dec 2004 - NZ and Australian stamps to trade or buy on my site. Tim Ritchie "Phil Hately"
  3. Oct 2004 - lots with 500 different Sweden for trade. Also welcome wantlists for Sweden and interested in ANY banknotes from ANYWHERE, old or new, in trade for stamps.
  4. July 2003 - Wanted NZ stamps urgently. NZ stamps, Kiloware, Bundleware wanted in exchange for cash or swap Australian or world stamps. Lou Thompson
  5. Mar 2003 - I would like to exchange used new zealand.I can offer used austaralian, german, austria, finland, switzerland in exchange. Phil Beacham
  6. Feb 2003 - I am an ex-patriot Kiwi and have Australian stamps I would like to swap for NZ stamps. Misty Edwards
  7. Aug 2002 - have 60000 extra USA stamps used; like to trade for Australia, NZ or Canada; trade 1on1 basis in lots of 50 at a time. Girard Martin 1780 Zebulon Dr. Conover, NC 28613-9151 USA.
  8. Jan 2002 - I have many used New Zealand stamps which I would like to swap for ones from other countries. Kirsten
  9. Jan 2002 - Offer used Slovenia stamps for used New Zealand stamps. Ivanka
  10. Nov 2001 - I live in holland and I am looking for someone to exchange used New Zealand stamps for European stamps. Huub Mooij
  11. Aug 2001 -  can offer a good quality Australian kiloware mix (on paper) with plenty of high values for NZ kiloware. Don White
  12. Aug 2001 - Offer used Canada for used New Zealand- Henri
  13. Jul 2001 - offer used Austrian, want used NZ.  Manfred Reither
  14. Mar 2001 - Trade my used USA commemoratives for used NZ commemoratives I have USA from 1995 and back Prefer need lists.  TED
  15. Jan 2001 - Looking for someone who would like to trade used NZ for my used Canadian stamps on a regular basis, keeping each other updated with current issues. Contact me for more info. Cynthia Robertson
  16. Dec 2000 - I want to trade my used/mint Philippine and worldwide stamps for stamps of New Zealand and other countries.  David De Leon
  17. Oct 2000 - who wants to trade stamps? I am offering the world.  My specialties are NZ, USA, Spain & Netherlands.  Ruud Schmidt
  18. Oct 2000 - can you help me with modern used New Zealand for stamps from Holland? Michael Bierenbroodspot
  19. Oct 2000 - like to swap Dutch or other European stamps for recent Aust, NZ, Ross Dep, Ant, USA or Canada.  Gert Koster
  20. Oct 2000 - keen to establish contacts for exchange of mint-never-hinged stamps with New Zealand collectors.  Salam
  21. Oct 2000 - Iinteresting in trading stamps from Europe and Scandinavia for stamps of NZ- Have envelops with 100 mixed stamps large. Tommy Heurlin
  22. Jan 2000 - I would like to trade unused and used comlete sets, FDC USSR, Russia (1970-1999)and some others country for unused NZ and Australia. Alexsandr Yurlov
  23. Nov 1999 - I collect all Australia, Territories and of course New Zealand among several other countries. I am anxious to trade N Z kiloware for either Aust kiloware or off paper. Even stamps for stamps would suit me.  I supply circuit books to several clubs in Brisbane, so some duplication is no problem. Common values on a one for one basis and maybe higher values as per Stanley Gibbons. I am fairly flexible in this regard. I can offer modern Papua New Guinea for N Z also, but in smaller amounts. Wants lists, within reason are welcome.  Wayne Messinbird
  24. Aug 1999 - I would like to exchange my recent used GB Commemoratives for 1997 to current NZ commemoratives, low and high values. Email Steve York
  25. Aug 1999 - I would like to trade used U.S. stamps for used New Zealand stamps. Restarting collecting and I have quite a few 'holes' to fill in my album. Please respond to  NICKBIGELOW@EARTHLINK.NET.
  26. Apr 1999 - II am a New Zealand mint stamp collector and I am looking for a good partner for change mint complete sets. I offer Brazil and others countries of South America and West Europe. Carlos Alberto Martins Reis 
  27. Nov 1998 - I will like to change peruvian stamps, receiving stamps from New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary. Julio De la Piedra
  28. Nov 1998 - Would like to trade or sell Used J18 Pair in V.G. condition for equal SCV of N.Z. or Australia.
  29. Sep 1998 - Would like to trade extensive collection of Canadian/US stamps for N.Z.or Australian stamps. Contact Ed Yaremchuk at
  30. Aug 1998 - Would like to trade my Canadian stamps for recent NZ stamps - John
  31. Jul 1998 - I would like to exchange my US commemorative and definitive stamps for your New Zealand stamps on either a Scott catalog basis or stamp for stamp trade. Want lists preferred.
  32. Jul 1998 - Would like to trade with someone in NZ; used US for used NZ
  33. Oct 1997 - Wanted to Exchange New Zealand Postal History material If you have thematic postmark interests let me know - Andrew McNiven


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